Host a demonstration. Chef will come into your home or place of business to personally prepare a dish of your choosing. Whether it’s you and a couple friends at your home or a group of colleagues at a place of your choice, enjoy a wonderfully prepared and delicious meal. A tasting follows, which can include a paired wine or speciality cocktail.


Learn how to make a signature dish. Chef gives you a hands on experience. If you’re a husband who wishes to show your wife how special she is on your wedding anniversary or just a group of friends who want to add a special dish to their list of favorites, this is the service for you. Create a fabulous dish alongside a professional Chef.


Hire your own personal chef. Chef is available to come to your home and cook for a day or even a week depending on your schedule and needs. Have your meal or meals professionally prepared for your entire family. Eat like a celebrity and choose daily meals personally catered to your taste buds.


Learn how to cook like a pro. Chef teaches you how to cook various dishes like a professional Chef. It’s not just about slicing and dicing but proper food handling, cooking temperatures, and cross contamination. This class can be one on one or in a small group. Live your dream of cooking gourmet meals for your family and friends.


Chef Steek is available to be booked as a guest on your radio show, tv show, vlog or podcast. Call today for availability!!


    “I enjoyed every dish, very impressed with the shrimp noodle, absolutely delicious, rice was perfecting made, the Baguette was my favorite. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your celebrations. TWO THUMBS UP!!”


    “Every dish had incredible flavor and perfect texture. I am impressed & was excited about every bite. The Salmon Baguette is a keeper.”


    “The food was very well seasoned and tasty. The service was excellent. Good job and Good Luck!”